Our clientele includes mostly medium-sized and larger companies. We aim to become familiar with the particularities of the specific fields of each client in order to provide services over the long-term and offer the best possible solutions.
We value the legal competence of medium-sized and larger companies, while relying on our experience, we also know that depending on the situation, external legal assistance or advice might sometimes be needed despite having an in-house lawyer and/or legal department. For cases like these we set out to be seen as reliable collaboration partners. We are always ready to offer advice according to our expertise in more complex cases.We can also offer our clients legal training to suit their specific fields.


Thanks to our extensive practical experience we are also highly appreciated as lecturers in legal courses organized by different professional associations and training centers. Several of our team are also actively involved in teaching at the University of Tartu. Partner Urmas Volens’ experience and contribution to Estonian legislation is particularly worth highlighting. As a long-standing public servant in the Ministry of Justice, Urmas has played an important part in drafting many laws in the private law field, as well as contributing to contemporary legal publishing. In recent years, he has contributed to publishing Commentaries on the Law of Obligations, Commentaries on the Law of Property Act, a Corporate Law textbook, and soon to be published Commentaries on the Code of Civil Procedure. It is therefore among our strengths to have such a detailed knowledge of both the theory and practice of law.

Pricing model

In our opinion the traditional hourly-based billing is often not in the best interests of the client and does not guarantee a sufficient degree of effectiveness from the service provider. The productivity of a lawyer cannot be measured by hourly rate and cannot therefore become a goal in itself. The hourly pricing model usually results in a conflict of interests and does not allow the service provider to focus on the true end goal of the client.

Therefore, in most cases, we are ready to offer our clients alternative and innovative pricing models, especially project-based fixed-fee arrangements. This motivates the legal service provider to operate efficiently and also allows the customer to predict their costs while purchasing legal services.